Selenite and Gold Triangular Pendant

Selenite and Gold Triangular Pendant

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This beautiful pendant is part of my new collection, made with a Natural Gemstone which has been set in 9ct Italian Gold.

This beautiful selenite piece has been shaped into a triangle which represents balance.  Selenite is a soft mineral and doesn’t do well in water, (so is advisable not to wear whilst swimming or in the shower).  On the MOHs hardness scale it rates as a 1-1.5 ( 1 talc - 10 Diamond) its a soft stone (so is advisable not to wear during contact sports).

Selenite is said to alert our vibrational frequencies to assess a higher state of awareness, filling you with a pure angelic energy.

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescription or healthcare information.

Length: 3cm
Width: 1cm
Set in 9ct Gold (unhallmarked)

Length: 46cm
Width: 0.8mm
Style: Small curb
9ct Gold (unhallmarked)

Item will arrive gift wrapped